Taylor Chapman & her psychotic “Dunkin Donuts” meltdown

The internet went up in arms yesterday after “Taylor Chapman” uploaded this video of herself verbally abusing employees at a Dunkin Donuts branch after (as she claims) they didn’t give her a free meal when she did not receive a receipt the day before. Now lets start with the basics, Dunkin Donuts does not seem like a job one would really enjoy much. It’s a typical minimum-average wage job that isn’t really exciting. From the jump anyone with any sign of a heart should understand these people most likely arent enjoying being here to begin with. Lets also keep in mind these are probably just your average young students, working wherever they can to pay off tuition, or xbox games. With that said, I’m usually the type of person to be fairly smooth about any mistakes they make, hell, even if they seem to be having a bad day I always keep in mind that I’m there ordering food, and they’re at work. I know when I used to work the average 9-5, just SEEING someone on a day off made me jealous as all hell! So whatever the case may have been the day before (remember this psycho had a full night to sleep on it) this girl could’ve easily explained the case and probably got her free items. If I were in her shoes, I honestly wouldn’t even care to have pursued that free meal.

We found her facebook, the urge to troll kicked in instantly (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE)

This self-centered bitch decided to completely disrespect these employees and also claimed she called her lawyer already (any lawyer would laugh at this by the way.) She then goes ahead and starts bothering the customers behind her, repeating how shes given this branch “hundreds” of positive reviews online (I call BS) then goes ahead and starts nagging the employee who handled her order the day before. Now I’m of middle-eastern descent, and nothing pisses me off more than ignorant dunces who constantly bring up the World Trade Center bombings, or the term “Sand Nigger.” That is extremely degrading, and uncalled for to any innocent human being living in America. Now what bugs me the most is this girl probably gave an employee some serious psychological distress, when you’re in a position like this and you’re trying to keep your job, it’s HELL to just stand there and let somebody go off on you like this. I really wish companies had some kind of a limit to where the “customer’s always right” policy can completely be shut down, and employees can do what they can to get these psychos out of the store. In all honesty, people like this should not even be allowed in any type of business without a mature adult mentoring them like a baby. It’s common sense, there’s a million things in life that is going to do ALOT more harm to this girl than an employee not giving her a receipt. This video is proof that this young nutcase has some SERIOUS mental issues, and needs some help. She also boasts about her education, but that must be an exaggeration because I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to do something like this, and POST IT ONLINE for millions to view, thinking she’s not going to destroy her image. All in all, I hope this self centered, racist, psychotic, lifeless cunt learned a lesson with this. I am sick and tired of seeing consumers attacking employees just because they think they’re being inspirational to the world by standing up to something. These are simple human mistakes, we all make them, you’re not changing the world by treating people like shit.

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  1. spintax says:

    Haha, she destroyed herself. She’s all over the internet and it will stay there until the end of time.

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